Briefly tell us about yourself?
My name is Daisy . I was born in Zimbabwe 17th December 1994 but i come from Mozambique & i grew up in Botswana.
Briefly tell us about your hair journey?
Well, i was natural from baby born till about grade 5. In grade 6 i started to use relaxer & my protective hair style was always Yarn box braids which is very common in Mozambique. In grade 7 for my prom i relaxed my hair with Beautiful Beginnings & i reacted badly & that was my Big chop year after my visit to the dermatologist. As soon as my hair started growing i started braiding it & in 2008 my 1st year of high school i started to take care of my natural hair.In 2009 i went to a boarding school in South Africa, i didn’t care much about my natural hair because i was always in Senegalese twist or Box braids. I left boarding school in 2011  to come and finish of my IGCSE  & do A levels in Botswana & since then i have been natural …..
Have you ever had any hair issues?
OH MY in 2013 during my IGCSE in April i went through a scalp infection called DERMATITIS & i only started to recover early January in 2014 as you go through my blog you’ll see.
What is your Hair Type? 
i  am a 4C – Coily Ziggly
 Who are celebrity Natural Hair Inspirations?
Jill Scott, Erykah Badu & Lauryn Hill
What Inspired you to be natural? 
I was never inspired by anything before as i thought

”Oh its natural hair so whatever”

but as time went on I got inspired by a YouTuber ,a beautiful African based in the UK her name is  Laila-jean Washington.
Is anyone in your family Natural? 
well i have 2 younger sisters & a brother they all are naturals including mum & dad LOL.
What reactions have you received from your friends and family about your natural hair?
i receive different reactions about my Natural Hair mostly it 

Why is you hair so soft?OR My gosh i love your fro! OR you have beautiful hair how did you grow it

& whats funny is i never have answers  

 What products do you currently use?
I can’t say stick to one product but my common products are Shea butter , Castor oil , Coconut Oil & Olive oil & water.
What do you like most about being natural?
versatility and the freedom that comes with being natural is a wonderful feeling.
Besides Natural Hair What are your other interest?
I love Fashion, Make up , Diys , Lifestyles , youtubing ( i am a YouTuber too) & getting an education :) 
What do you plan doing in future?
I plan on becoming a Lawyer & have my own salon – just being successful.
Success is in my DNA

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