GIRAZI interviews ANITA SHOKO : Zimbabwean with Natural Hair

Briefly tell us about yourself.
Okay I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe but lived in Botswana most of my life.. Umm I’m the last born of only two children in a family of four. I’m Christian..
Briefly tell us about your natural hair journey?
Okay.. My Natural journey started at the beginning of last year after I was fed up with relaxers due to them damaging my hair. So I had to start afresh.. Meaning I had to cut the relaxed part of my hair off, which hurt but it was worth it. I also really liked the idea of having big kinky hair that I could do anything with.. Plus my hairlooked thicker and healthier natural than “chemicalized”.
Who are your celebrity Natural hair Inspiration & What inspired you to be natural?
Well, they would have to be India Arie and Lauryn Hill. I know those two have dread locks but their hair is natural.. I love that the music is in tune with their hair, as in, they seem so in touch with their African roots so to speak..
I think What inspired me was the idea of having ethnic hair. So many black women today have this tunnel visioned image of beauty as having straight long hair. I think it’s time we embraced our “natural roots”..  Want to emancipate my hair to grow as it naturally is. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting relaxed hair.
What’s your natural hair care regime and what products do you use?
Okay well I braid my hair with whatever style protects my hair from breakage and stuff.. I also “feed” it religiously, or atleast I try to, with pure coconut oil, avocado oil, almond hair food, and shea butter.. When I don’t have braids I plat my hair with wool and do the same feeding process.. I use natural in stuff you can eat if you ever feel hungry and in need of food ♥
Besides being a natural , what else do you like to do or would like to do  ? you have any talents etc?
Okay, I like writing poetry, singing, and going to church.. I’d actually like to learn an instrument like the guitar and I’d love to take up boxing… My talent is singing. And making people smile.:) haha
What do you think about people with relaxed hair
to be honest i hate Relaxed hair No offence to the relaxed 
How can we Contact You?
Facebook Me Anita Nita Shoko
Instagram @nittahhh 
Thank you so much for this interview :) 

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