Briefly tell us about yourself? 

Hey guys I am Kutlo from Botswana currently living in Botswana doing my IGCSE year
I’m very stubborn and almost a perfectionist i would say
If I want something to be done in a certain way that’s how it should be.
I’m the kinda person that really applies myself and pushes beyond my limitations
I dislike failure but learn to learn from it
  • I like bitter desserts? Such as lemon ice cream and lemon pie
    Um I’m an impulsive person and I speak my mind. I’m also very defensive? And I love performing arts. I dream of being a performer and just travelling the world.
  • I dislike reality :) and how bitter sweet it is but I think I’d say I tolerate life as a whole but also appreciate it
How long have you had relaxed hair? Have you ever had Natural hair?
I’ve been relaxing my hair since I was 6
Nope never
Well I did when I was born but otherwise nope
Whats your regime?
basically all i do is i always keep my scalp  moisturized in order for my hair to grow properly and to keep it healthy. I also
Refrain from straightening my hair unnecessarily or more than once in a week because this damaged the hair by breaking it, as well as blow drying.

My protective hairstyles for my Relaxed 


wpid-photogrid_1407873304253.jpg well I mostly hit it up old school with a middle head part and I’m adventurous, I  don’t conform to the social norm on most occasions. I reverently got a fringe done  and I’m liking it thus farwpid-photogrid_1407875780104.jpgwpid-photogrid_1407873036457.jpgwpid-photogrid_1407873088281.jpg

wpid-photogrid_1407873192701.jpgI advise people to not be afraid to take risks with their hair, try something different and yeah it may work for you
Ummm always braid your hair regularly so that it can grow but be careful not to kill your hair line
Uhhh yeah? :)

What inspired you to have relaxed hair?
The fact that I can like curl my hair when I want, air brush, style it, have it straight and smooth and yeah
Not being offensive to people with natural hair but I just personally like relaxed hair better
Do you have any celebrity hair crushes?  If yes ,who are they
Nope I do me :)
Nice… besides you and your hair, do you have any talents?
Acting and singing directing plays
This actually landed me a commercial job a few months back
What advice would you give to the newly relaxed?
Don’t dip your relaxed hair into water! Ever! Unless you’re washing it.
Take care of it and love it
DON’T comb it all the time like just once a day is ENOUGH! It’ll break off if you keep harassing it :) 
wpid-photogrid_1407875819025.jpgWhere else can we get in touch with you? 
You can email me on
& follow me on Instagram @sincerelysomindless

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