Girazi meets Malawian with Natural Hair : Olivia Ndoka


Briefly tell us about yourself?
My name is Olivia from Malawi currently staying in Botswana studying at the University of Botswana Im a short, full of energy a
Eccentric and individualistic type of girl
Briefly tell us about your natural hair journey? I cut it about a year ago and it grew pretty fast. It’s a hassle to comb but with good treatment it ain’t too bad. I jus oil it n wash it once every month
Who are your celebrity Natural hair Inspiration?Aint got one.. but the freshly ground lead singer n Solange Knowles
What inspired you to go natural? I had washed my hair and it dreaded up cause I didn’t comb it so I decided to cut it and the rest is history
How long have you been natural? Almost 2years
What’s your natural hair care regime and what products do you use? Sexy and natural. Uhmm olive products Hair food
Besides being a natural , what else do you like to do or would like to do  ? you have any talents etc?
Weaves. Uhmm I also sing dance rap & do poetry
Where else can we get into contact with you?
(click on a site to contact olivia)

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