Briefly tell us about yourself:
My name is Kwame Paul Adjei (Informally known as Paul Dominus). I’m from Ghana & I’m
currently staying in Gaborone, Botswana. I’m doing A-Level here in Botswana & people call me
the definition of an insane fun character, & I’m pretty tall too!wpid-photogrid_1407876802105.jpg
Let us know about your thoughts on natural hair:
Firstly, I like anything natural! Now when it comes to hair, it illuminates that natural beauty in any individual. With Afro-textured hair, it’s an authentic piece of natural art because it hasn’t been altered by any hot combs, flat irons, or chemicals (through perming, relaxing or straightening).But, at the state of the hair being 100% natural, you’re able to be more creative with your style
selection because there are multiple things you’re able to do with natural hair. I’m pretty sure you know so I’m not going to give any examples.
Now, the point is, I support natural hair mainly because of its natural & elegant texture. If more people (mainly females) switched to being natural, they would appreciate their hair more, therefore also enhancing their natural beauty & they would most probably have less financial problems too! Instead of calling your hair dresser every day, change your way of thinking. Go natural :)

Thank you for sharing that. Besides school & supporting your natural views, how do you 

spend your time valuably? Do you have any talents?
You’re welcome.
Well, I really enjoy making music. I go by the name “Dominus” when it comes to music. I focus
mainly into Jazz/Hip-Hop styled beats.
I’m also currently in an Indie-Jazz crew called UTD (Urban Thermal Dynamic). You can check
us out on Facebook & Soundcloud. You won’t regret it.
I rap too, because I use it as a way to preach out my thoughts verbally without having to deal
with any judgments. I’m not your typical mainstream rapper though; I’m more of a word puzzle
genie. So watch out!
You’re able to access my art by checking the UTD page on Facebook or by my “Kevin Kizzle”
Soundcloud account, that’s if you’re interested.
Where else can we get into contact with you?
I’m available everywhere:
Facebook – Paul Dominus
Twitter – @KevinKizzy
Instagram – Kevin Paul
BBM – 75D67911
YouTube – alfredjohnful

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