Married to my Dreads : MERCY KAYS

I'm always telling people that are about to get dreads how it is such a commitment, almost like a marriage. I mean you get them & then that means for the rest of your life, you're waking up with one hairstyle. It becomes a part of your identity & you grow together haha.

Separation would mean cutting them off & divorce would be untwisting them. We all know how hard it is to get a divorce & the separation process takes a lot of patience & I dont have it.

I've had my dreads since the 13th of November 2011. Literally eloped actually. Got out the house to do my hair & came back with dreads. I wanna cut them everytime i see pics of girls with their hair & I wanna untwist just to have a mini Afro as well but I can't. I absolutely cannot. I plan to be in this marriage a very long time. Don't you think we look good together?

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